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Advocacy in 2014

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    Katy Anderson

    Advocacy Successes in 2014:
    Over the course of the year, 431 Members of Congress (a whopping 80%) took at least one action to support one of Feeding America’s key priorities including:
    • Expanding and strengthening food donation tax deduction legislation
    (This means that businesses such as local retailers who donate food to the network can continue to receive a tax benefit for that donation. This is important to ensure those businesses continue to donate to the network rather than trash the food.)
    • Additional funding for TEFAP through the Farm Bill
    o $205 million in new investments in TEFAP over the next 10 years
    o A new dairy donation program that results in Federal purchases of dairy products for food banks and other emergency food providers
    o $253 million in “bonus” commodity purchases

    As a network across the US, we made nearly 3,000 phone calls and sent 64,000 emails and petitions to Congress in 2014.

    Advocacy Goals for 2015:
    As we enter into 2015, network advocacy will continue to be critical.
    We will be working to:
    • Ensure a strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization that invests in and strengthens kids programs, particularly summer feeding programs
    • Expand and make permanent the food donation tax deduction
    • Increase funding for TEFAP storage and distribution
    • Protect Federal nutrition programs from harmful cuts
    • Continue to build network advocacy capacity



    Great recap – glad to hear about the upcoming dairy donation program. Dairy is one of our largest in-house expenses. I would like to expand my dairy distribution and hopefully this program will make that easier for our pantry.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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