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Join Our Family of Agencies

Roadrunner Food Bank collaborates with a network of hundreds of organizations throughout the state to distribute food to hungry people. And, we distribute food in various ways.  Roadrunner Food Bank wants to support your hunger relief program by offering a variety of ways for you to receive food, training and technical support you may need to successfully combat hunger in your own community.

Please look at the different types of ways we distribute food to see if your group/organization fits one or more of these criteria.  Your group/organization may fit into various categories and you may want our help in determining which best suits your needs.

For general questions about how your organization might partner with Roadrunner Food Bank contact Tabatha Bennett at tabatha.bennett@rrfb.org or 505-349-5352, or Denise Grey at denise.grey@rrfb.org or 505-349-8937.

Partner Agencies

Many of the hundreds of organizations we partner with are a network of food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, low-income child care centers, low-income senior housing sites and more.  Organizations that meet these criteria could potentially become one of our partner agencies where they could order both perishable and non-perishable food from us to distribute to the hungry in their respective communities throughout New Mexico.  We have hundreds of different food items that are available to our affiliated hunger relief organizations that include fresh produce, bakery items, dry goods such as canned food and boxes, and a variety of frozen and refrigerated meats, dairy products, etc. Plus, we offer a variety of office, janitorial and school supplies for our agencies use.

In general, organization must meet the following criteria to become a partner agency:

  • Must be a 501c3 organization or a church with a description of the type of hunger relief program the organization is providing to the community and clients.
  • Provide services to the community in an area where there is a demonstrated need and that does not duplicate services with existing organizations.
  • Provides a clean and sanitary environment.
  • Has an adequate and safe facility to store both dry goods and cold storage items.
  • Possesses the administrative capabilities to operate a hunger relief program including recording keeping, retention, inventory control procedures and reporting.

To become a partner agency, organizations are required to fill out and application and provide additional documents with the application.  Request an application by contacting Tabatha Bennett at 505-349-5342 or tabatha.bennett@rrfb.org, or Denise Grey at 505-349-8937 or denise.grey@rrfb.org.

*Organizations will have an onsite evaluation every 2 years after a 6 month initial probation period.

Emergency Food Box Program (EFAM)

Any organization (except existing partner agencies) is eligible to apply for our Emergency Food Box Program.  This program is ideal for organizations that may not have their own hunger relief program, but need to respond to an emergency need for food.  Partner Agencies of the Food Bank are not eligible to receive these pre-packed boxes of food as they have the ability to order food directly from us to create their own EFAM boxes.  Examples of organizations that helped distribute more than 700 EFAM boxes include the American Red Cross, schools, public safety agencies, domestic violence facilities, hospitals, etc.

Organizations that serve families that have no food in the home due to loss of employment, domestic violence, eviction or displacement, loss of benefits, etc. are eligible to receive an EFAM box.  Any organization that helps the community can potentially receive EFAM boxes.

The food box is strictly non-perishable and contains enough food to feed a family of four three meals a day for nearly three days.  Each box also has a referral guide to assist hungry families in locating a more sustainable source of food such as a food pantry or soup kitchen.

For additional information about the EFAM program or to determine if your organization may be eligible to become a distribution site, contact Tabatha Bennett at tabatha.bennett@rrfb.org or 505-349-5352, or Denise Grey at denise.grey@rrfb.org or 505-349-8937.

Food for Kids – Backpack Program

When hungry children cannot develop into their full potential, we all suffer.  School aged children rely on the free/reduced meals available at their school, but when the weekend or a holiday arrives many of these children many not have any or adequate food at home.  On Monday mornings, many of these children come to school unable to learn because of the hunger in their bellies.

The Food for Kids program was created to help those children who need something to eat at home during the weekends.  Each week 38 elementary schools receive food to refill the backpacks 35 weeks during the school year.  School staff select the students to participate in the program and children take the food filled backpack home on Friday and return to the school on a Monday morning to be “refilled.”  In the backpack are a variety of food items that are child friendly, shelf stable food items that require no refrigeration or preparation.

This program helps nearly 3,500 children in 47 elementary schools during the school year with weekend food.  This weekend backpack food gives a child enough food to sustain them to be prepared to learn on Monday morning.

Schools must meet a minimum number and percentage of their student body that qualify for the free/reduced school meals to be eligible for the Food for Kids Program.   Each school must participate in a competitive application process for inclusion in the program.  Currently, participating schools will remain in the program through the 2012-2013 school year.

In the Spring of 2013, a “Request for Proposal” will be issued to solicit applications from schools for inclusion in the program for the next three year period.   Any school in the central New Mexico area is eligible to be considered during our Request for Proposal process.

For more information about the Food for Kids Backpack Program contact Joe Gatti at joe@rrfb.org or 505.349.8853, or Denise Grey at denise.grey@rrfb.org or 505-349-8937.

Mobile Food Pantry

The Mobile Food Pantry is a traveling food pantry delivering nutritious and much needed food to hungry people in need.  Food is delivered to a pre-designated site and is ready for immediate distribution to hungry households.  The program eliminates the need for long or short term storage and the program can be sponsored by any organization, group, individual or family.

The site sponsor informs the local community about the date and time the food will arrive. Food is brought to a site that is coordinated by the sponsor.  Roadrunner Food Bank staff unloads the food.  Volunteers supplied by the sponsor organize the food to begin a farmer’s market type food distribution.

The benefit of this program is that it allows any person or organization the ability to help the hungry in their community.  This is ideal for communities where access to a full service grocery store may be limited due to distance or where no other hunger relief agency may exist.

Recipients receive approximately 35 pounds of food and each family receives a variety of food products including produce, dry goods, canned goods, bakery products, and frozen and refrigerated foods.

Existing partner agencies are eligible for this program to complement their existing hunger relief activities.

To become a Mobile Food Pantry sponsor, you will need to fill out an application.  If you have questions contact Tabatha Bennett at tabatha.bennett@rrfb.org or 505-349-5352, or Denise Grey at denise.grey@rrfb.org or 505-349-8937.

Senior Helpings

With many more seniors struggling to make it every month on a limited fixed income, more are vulnerable to hunger.  To help combat senior hunger, Roadrunner Food Bank developed the Senior Helpings Food Box program.  These food boxes contain enough food to provide a meal a day for an entire month to a hungry senior.   The purpose of the program is to provide supplemental food that a senior can purchase, but many seniors have told us their Senior Box is the only food they will receive all month long.

Traditional partner agencies, senior housing sites, or low-income housing sites are eligible to be considered for this program as long as the organization helps seniors over 60.  The box is a 35 pound food box that is distributed every month to about 1,200 seniors.  Sites must be able to provide direct delivery to seniors who are homebound, ill or unable to carry the food box.

For more information about the Senior Helpings Food Box Program, contact Tabatha Bennett at tabatha.bennett@rrfb.org or 505-349-5352, or Denise Grey at denise.grey@rrfb.org or 505-349-8937.

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