Partner Agency Spotlight: New Beginnings Church of God

For over 10 years, our partner agency the New Beginnings Church of God in Albuquerque has provided Tuesday and Thursday distributions to anyone who comes through its doors. During these past 10 years, New Beginnings’ food distribution has increased through the recession.

“Even as recently as four or five years ago, we were probably sharing our food to 25 households per day,” said New Beginnings Administrative Assistant Barbara. “Last year, we noticed that we doubled that number per day and now it’s not too uncommon for us to see more than 100 households a week.” According to her estimate, New Beginnings is now distributing 1,500 pounds of food per month, almost all of it coming from Roadrunner’s warehouse.

“We really aim to have the enough variety in our food bags to cover breakfasts, lunches, and dinners,” Barbara said. “What we provide allows hungry people to get through difficult times. Many are not able to find good enough jobs or make enough to afford crucial medicine for their health.” Barbara estimates about 60 percent of the people who come to New Beginnings each week are returnees. “The people we serve count on us, when everything else in their lives may be straining to make ends meet,” she adds.

Fortunately, Barbara also has occasional volunteer support and the steady presence of Ernest. For over two and a half years, Ernest has served New Beginnings. These two people with occasional volunteer support facilitate New Beginning’s food assistance program throughout the year. Between distribution days and food boxing days, Ernest walks round-trip between his home and New Beginnings no less than five days a week, lacking the means to drive.

“I’d rather give than receive,” Ernest told us earlier today. “It’s just so enjoyable, the experience of giving back.”

Ernest also mentioned that alongside the Tuesday and Thursday distributions from 9 am to 5 pm, New Beginnings also prepares a Wednesday dinner every week.

“It’s the mission of our church to feed the hungry, but I also feel a personal call to welcome all brothers and sisters here,” he said.

When asked if she and Ernest ever felt burdened with so many needs, Barbara replied, “We both enjoy the experience of giving back, and we don’t feel overwhelmed. We feel grateful.”

To learn more on the work of New Beginnings Church of God-Albuquerque, visit their website at . To learn more about other partner agencies Roadrunner works with and about other ways we provide food in our New Mexico community, visit our website at .


Photo Courtesy of Roadrunner Food Bank Archives


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  1. Mark Ryerson says:

    Good job. Very nice to see the church’s passion for feeding the hungry

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