Reduce Your Calories and Donate Them to Feed Hungry Families

We are encouraging our staff at the Food Bank, our corporate partners, and everyone in the community to take small steps toward healthy living, while also helping solve hunger.  One easy way to reduce the amount of sugar, fat and calories you eat is with foodtweeks.

foodtweeks is a free app that helps you make smarter, nutritious food choices while giving back to charity.  Discover simple ways to cut calories from your everyday foods and beverages at restaurants, the grocery store and at home.  Every time you make a tweek, the calories you saved will be donated to Roadrunner Food Bank.

Start using foodtweeks:

  1. Download the free foodtweeks app for your Apple or Android devices.
  2. Enter the promo code: RRFB and every tweek you make will benefit Roadrunner Food Bank.
  3. Select a food item, choose a tweek and reduce the calories you consume.  The number of calories you save will be donated to feed hungry families.
  4. To double the calorie donation, share your progress on facebook and twitter.  And share it with us on the Food Bank’s social media sites, too!

Visit or your app store for more details.

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