Rrfb.Org x Dress-Lace Online Lace Dress

Rrfb.Org x Dress-Lace Online Lace Dress / Black Color/ Mesh Sleeves

This rrfb.org x http://www.dress-lace.com clothing is a lovely black colored dress that is finished with a shiny effect. The material is a scuba fabric and there is a crew neckline on the top of the piece. The sleeves of the dress have lovely mesh inserts and they are t shirt length. The material is mesh on the sleeves and you are able to see the skin through, so you will look amazing when wearing this piece. There are very soft velvet feeling panels stitched into the fabric too, and this helps to enhance the feel of the dress allowing the wearer to stand out from the crowd. The back of the lace dress has a zipper to make it easy to fasten and take on and off, and you will not have to worry about makeup staining your clothing when you do so. It can be washed inside the machine and it is a very regular cut. The material is 100% polyester and the model in the picture wears a size 8 dress, and is 9 feet 5 tall.

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