Rural Child Hunger Capacity Institute in New Mexico

All too often, children from low-income families in rural areas in New Mexico have trouble getting enough food to grow up healthy and find success.  Did you know 17% of rural households are food insecure?

We recently participated in a unique program that put a bright spotlight on rural child hunger. Partnering with Feeding America food banks that also reach families in rural areas, and with the support of C&S Wholesale Grocers Community Involvement, we attended the Rural Child Hunger Capacity Institute to help develop new ways to reach children and families in need, no matter where they live.

You can learn more about the future means of how the Capacity Institute will strengthen our meeting of children’s and family’s food needs here:

Thank you all so much and stay tuned as we share more about our ongoing rural child hunger relief work across New Mexico over the coming months!

Photo Courtesy of Feeding America

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