Small Business, Big Heart

One of our Food Rescue partners recently told me, “We are in a unique situation. We are able to donate 18,945 pounds of meat, which equals $61,000, because we are blessed, and we want to bless the less fortunate in our community” This quote is from Mario Sanchez, owner of Sunset Foods, in Tome, New Mexico, a manufacturer of beef jerky.

I have the privilege of working with New Mexico businesses that donate food to Roadrunner Food Bank. Sunset Foods is one of those companies. They hold a special place in my heart, because as a small business to donate so much meat helps ensure hungry people in our community have protein sources to eat.

Essential to the operation of a Food Bank is rescuing food. What is Food Rescue? It is defined as the practice of safely retrieving edible food that would otherwise go to waste, and distributed to those in need. Meat is especially precious. Protein is what we are always trying to get donated, and because of cost the least likely to be donated.

At the Food Bank, we find it absolutely wonderful that this small family business started in 1984 takes our message of fighting hunger and feeding hope to heart by giving us unsalable foods for our vulnerable neighbors. We are privileged to receive their generous donation of meat products and pleased to steward their generous gift into the hands of the hungry. At Roadrunner Food Bank we are our proud to call Sunset Foods our partner. Thank you staff of Sunset Foods!

Julie Anderson is the Food Rescue Manager at Roadrunner Food Bank.  Last year, the Food Rescue program kept 16 million pounds of food out of landfills to distribute to hungry people across the state.

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