Sophia’s Brown Bag Lunch

Sophia sits with her brown paper lunch bag on her lap. She watches as her classmates open their own lunches and  dive into sandwiches, salads, apples  and drinks.

How come you’re not eating, Sophia?” a little girl asks. “I’m not that hungry,” Sophia answers.

Ten days later, the same scene. Sophia says she isn’t hungry. Her brown paper lunch bag sits on her lap, unopened. A caring teacher takes Sophia aside to coax her to eat.

She opens Sophia’s lunch bag … and is heartbroken to see what’s inside.

A crumpled ball of newspaper.

Sophia had put it in the bag to make it look like there was food inside. Her family was going through tough times and food was scarce. She was too ashamed to admit she had no lunch.

Roadrunner Food Bank works year-round to make sure our community’s children have enough nutritious food to help their bodies and minds grow up strong and healthy. But we can’t do it without you. Help a child like Sophia grow today and you’ll help ensure a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone.


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