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Steps to Become a Partner

Steps to Become a Partner

Acceptance as a partner is a competitive process; we have limited resources and want to work with organizations that share our long term goals. Our partner on-boarding process includes three phases.  We’ll guide you through each phase of the process and provide the tools to set your organization up for success.

Phase One: Orientation

  1. Register for and attend orientation. Detailed information about our Orientation Schedule is below.
  2. Read and complete the FEED Workbook. We will review the workbook during orientation, if you’d like to view it in advance, click here to download.



Phase Two: Application and Screening

  1. Complete application. At the conclusion of Orientation you will be given a link to the Online Application.
  2. Application screening. A team of multiple RRFB staff will review your application. While we are interested in accommodating many organizations there may be factors that prevent us from partnering together, such as food storage capability, current client need compared to service providers, or other factors.  Sites may be approved, waitlisted or denied once their application is reviewed.
  3. Initial site visit. RRFB staff will visit your facility to ensure that proper food storage capacity is available. Your organization cannot become a partner agency with Roadrunner Food Bank until a site visit has been completed.


Phase Three: Training and Paperwork


  1. Fill out and return paperwork. Please have the executive director, president, or religious leader of your organization complete and sign all documents.  After the application forms are completed, please submit all of the documents to Roadrunner Food Bank.
  2. Complete Agency Training 101. Staff and key volunteers are required to participate in detailed training.
  3. Complete Agency Express Training.  Staff or volunteers who will be responsible for ordering must participate in this training.
  4. Complete Food Safety Training.  This training may be completed online through RRFB, or you may submit verification that staff has completed ServeSafe or food safety training from a recognizable and reputable source.







Contact Information

Please contact the Programs Department for all questions regarding the Partner Onboarding process.   Email: ProgramsSupport@rrfb.org  Phone: (505) 349-5353

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