Stretching Your Dollars

I love to shop, but I’m what you’d call a bargain shopper. I buy things in bulk, buy late in the season, or shop the sale, clearance, and closeout racks. I very rarely pay full price for things, and when I do (sometimes I have no choice) it makes me cringe. I cringe because I know if I would have looked elsewhere or waited it out, I could have paid less for it. Conversely, I get a rush when I find a bargain deal or when I know I saved a ton of money.  It’s exhilarating knowing your hard-earned money went as far as it could. This month your hard-earned money can go twice as far too.

Through the end of June, every donation received by Roadrunner will be matched by a friend of the Food Bank up to $10,000.  This matching campaign is allowing YOU to have twice the impact in the fight against hunger this summer.  Please consider making a contribution to Roadrunner Food Bank by the end of the summer. It’ll feel good to know that you are making a difference in the community and that your hard-earned contribution will be doubled!

Donna Marlow is the Strategic Giving Manager at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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