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Charitable Donations from New Mexico Faith Based Organizations

Every day, 54% of people who are struggling with hunger in New Mexico have to make difficult decisions between buying food and paying their utility bills. Often, the people who are making these tough decisions are suffering in silence. When you contribute to Roadrunner Food Bank by hosting a food drive at your church or within your faith community, you are helping people avoid making the choice between food and basic needs.

How your Church can Help

Helping to meet the need of hungry people in New Mexico is an important way to contribute to the community. For every person that we help, we know that there are two more that need our services.

Your church and faith community can help by:

  • Hosting a Food for Thought Tour at Roadrunner Food Bank to help educate people in our community about the need for food donations
  • Making a gift from your faith community to the Food Bank
  • Hosting and organizing a food and fund drive
  • Scheduling a team of volunteers to help at Roadrunner Food Bank once a month
  • Contacting us for more ways to help

Every donation that we receive at Roadrunner Food Bank makes a difference to the people who are going hungry in New Mexico every day. Your faith community can make a positive impact on people who need food in our state.

Roadrunner Food Bank: Helping 70,000 Hungry People Every Week

From children to seniors, the food that we receive at Roadrunner Food Bank allows us to feed 70,000 people every week. Help the people and families of New Mexico put meals on the table every night. Contact us today for more information on how you can help.

Looking for more ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

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