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Food Drives

Food collected from a Food DriveWe may not see the effects of a hungry person first-hand, but the silent struggles they encounter are all around us. Your contribution to Roadrunner Food Bank helps to alleviate some of the stresses hungry people face.

Organizing a Food & Fund Drive

Get together with people from your business, faith community, school, group or civic organization to coordinate a food drive. At Roadrunner Food Bank, we have two types of Food Drives: Traditional Food & Fund Drives and Online Food & Fund Drives.  During a Traditional Food Drive, you can collect food and funds at a desired location.  During an Online Food & Fund Drive, you can collect funds through your very own webpage.  All funds raised through your webpage will be donated to the Food Bank and used to help feed our hungry neighbors. Giving to the Food Bank by setting up your own Food & Fund Drive webpage is quick and simple and you don’t have to remember to bring food items to the food drive.

Host a drive in one of three easy ways.

  1. Create your very own Online Food and Fund Drive website here and get started on raising funds today.
  2. Complete this quick and easy questionnaire to get your Traditional Food and Fund Drive started today.  We will follow up with you to confirm details.
  3. Contact us at Roadrunner Food Bank to express interest in hosting a drive and schedule deliveries and pick ups.

Help Us Save Our Fuel

The Food Bank pays for the fuel in our trucks and the time a driver spends delivering and picking up every food donation. Please help us be more cost efficient by hosting an Online Food & Fund Drive. Also, consider using your own boxes to collect food and bring  donations of food to the Food Bank (M-F 8am to 4pm).  Please come in through the lobby so we are able to help you unload.

Helpful Tools for Your Food & Fund Drive 

Solving Hunger with Food & Fund Donations

With every dollar that is contributed to Roadrunner Food Bank, 5 meals can be provided to people in need. A Food Bank donation, no matter how big or small, can play a big role in feeding hungry people in New Mexico.


Looking for ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

  • Help Roadrunner Food Bank solve hunger by making a monthly donation – set up a monthly recurring gift.
  • Receive email from the Food Bank by opting in.
  • Learn about how to volunteer at the Food Bank –  click to register
  • Learn how you can serve in other ways by visiting our Take Action Page

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