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Garden Produce

There are lots of people who have “green thumbs” in New Mexico and take the initiative to plant vegetables and fruit in their yard every year.  And while many of these home-grown foods are used at home, some of them don’t last long enough to be eaten.

One way you can help is taking your extra garden produce and donating it to the Food Bank.  We will use your donated garden produce to feed hungry people in communities throughout the state.

Simply bring your produce donations to the Food Bank during our hours of operations.  We will weigh it for you and provide a follow up note crediting you for the gift for tax purposes.

Professional gardeners may also be interested in helping.  Through the Garden Writer Association there is a national program called “Plant a Row for the Hungry.”  The program encourages professional gardeners to plant at least a row in their garden for the hungry during the planting season and donate it to their local food bank, food pantry or soup kitchen.  Professional gardeners can visit www.gardenwriters.org for more information about the Plant a Row program.

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