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Hunger Relief in New Mexico: Group Donations

Roadrunner Food Bank receives charitable donations in many forms to help us with our hunger-relief efforts. Because of the many ways that we receive support from the people of New Mexico, we strive to make the donation process as simple as possible.

When you choose to make your donation to our Food Bank, you can choose to donate online, during a food drive, or through monetary donations. Donating as an individual is great, but those actions are amplified when a group of people come together around a shared goal. We’ll work with your business or organization to make sure you understand the process and how it benefits the community.

Make a Donation Online

Your group is able to make donations to our hunger relief efforts online. Donate online to Roadrunner Food Bank by:

Every week, we work hard to feed 70,000 hungry people in New Mexico. With your group’s online donation, we can help to meet the growing need for food by hungry people in our community.

Donate with your group online today—every dollar allows us to distribute up to five meals.

Setup an Online Food Drive Today

Setting up an Online Food Drive is simple. Start a team and set up your webpage to get your co-workers, friends or community members involving in reaching your fundraising goal . All they have to do is go online and select your group’s name when making their donation. The website keeps you updated on how your group is doing.

Looking for more ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

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