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Online Food and Fund Drive for Roadrunner Food Bank

Computer for the online food drive

Hosting an Online Food and Fund Drive lets you and your group get involved with our mission to end hunger in New Mexico in an easy and highly effective way.

An online food and fund drive is great because:

  • It’s eco-friendly and cost-efficient
  • It benefits Roadrunner Food Bank in a way that’s convenient
  • We can create customized giving pages to  divide your group into competing teams to boost team spirit and morale
  • For every $1 your group and team raises, we are able to distribute FIVE meals in communities across the state.

Ask your company, group or organization to sign up to host an online fund drive to support Roadrunner Food Bank.

Host an Online Food and Fund Drive in a Few Quick Steps

  1. Start your very own Online Fund Drive team and ask us to create a customized giving page. Email sonya@rrfb.org or call 505.349.8682 with details about your campaign dates and group name. We’ll provide you a customized giving page link to use during your online campaign. Here’s an example of a page, customized for the Feds Feeds Family campaign.
  2. Set a goal of how much your team would like to collect.
  3. Periodically send reminder email messages asking your team to give and participate.
  4. Encourage your team members to invite 5-10 additional people to contribute to your team’s efforts.

Why host an Online Food and Fund Drive? The answer is simple: you are helping the Food Bank obtain exactly what is most needed—more food! For every $1 contributed we can distribute more than 5 meals to hungry people.

For more information contact
Sonya Warwick at 505.349.8682 or sonya@rrfb.org.

Looking for more ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

  • Help Roadrunner Food Bank solve hunger by making a monthly donation – set up a monthly recurring gift.
  • Receive email from the Food Bank by opting in.
  • Learn about how to volunteer at the Food Bank –  click to register
  • Learn how you can serve in other ways by visiting our Take Action Page

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