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Food Rescue in Alb. & NM

According to FoodRescue.net more than 40% of the food in America goes to waste.  Through Roadrunner Food Bank’s Food Rescue Program, we are keeping good, edible food out of landfills and able to place it into the hands of hungry people in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico. Rescuing food is an important way we obtain food to distribute to partner agencies and through our direct service programs.  Every year the Food Bank rescues millions and millions pounds of food statewide.

The Food Bank has been rescuing food since our beginning in 1980. Some of the first food distributed by the Food Bank was corn and continues to be represented in our logo.

The Food Rescue Program at Roadrunner is one of the largest in Albuquerque and New Mexico. The program rescues food from grocery stores, food manufacturers, growers, farmers, wholesalers and others. A majority of the food we rescue is unprepared food. The top rescued foods are bakery goods, meat, dairy, produce, canned items and dry goods.

On average our fleet of box trucks and tractor trailers pick up rescued food from hundreds of locations in Albuquerque and New Mexico weekly, bringing it back to the Food Bank for sorting and distribution.

Rescued food often requires prep prior to being distributed. Volunteers help the Food Bank sort, label, box or repack rescued food items. Their hard work helps us quickly distribute rescued food.

The Benefits of Food Rescue

Hungry people benefit from rescued food providing a more well-rounded, balanced meal and diet.  For the Food Bank, the program helps us secure food we would otherwise not have to distribute and ensures we always have a variety of different food available in our warehouse.

There are benefits for the food donor too. Rescued food prevents good food from being thrown away and is able to be diverted food from landfills.  It also helps food industry donors reduce disposal costs and frees up valuable floor space for storage of surplus food. And food donations are protected under federal and state law.  View the laws here.

We have many food industry donors that contributed millions of pounds of food every year.  A few of our top food rescue partners include:

Top Food Rescue Donors in Albuquerque and New Mexico

If you are in the food industry and would like general information about donating food, please visit our food industry informational page here.  For detailed information on our food rescue program contact Aaron Luce at aaron.luce@rrfb.org or 505.349.8933.

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