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Food Industry Donors in New Mexico

Over 40% of all food in America is wasted every year. That’s food that could have gone to someone who really needed it.To keep food out of landfills and place it in the hands of people in need, our New Mexico Food Bank has created a Food Rescue program by collaborating with our partner agencies.

Charitable Donations by those in the Food Industry

“If you’re going to throw it away, throw it Roadrunner’s way!”

Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, supermarkets and growers provide regular food donations to Roadrunner Food Bank. Without these generous food donations our Food Bank would have significantly less food to provide to the hungry of New Mexico. If it is food you or your family would eat, then its food we can use to feed the hungry.

Food Industry Donors – What to Donate

As a food industry donor you can donate food product including excess inventory, surplus from test marketing, product that is cosmetically imperfect, short code dated, or minimally out of specification. A few food items to consider donating include: canned meats, vegetables, fruit, tuna, stews, soups, peanut butter, rice, beans, pasta, dry goods, packaged goods, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and perishable products.

Grocery Rescue

Roadrunner Food Bank has a fleet of refrigerated trucks that are used to pick up donated product from grocery stores and super centers every day of the work week. All grocers are encouraged to participate, and we can arrange to have a regular pick up at your store.

Grocery Rescue – What to Donate

Some suggestions of what items you may think about donating include: unmarketable items but usable food such as fresh produce, dairy products & deli meats, overstock items, product near its “best use by date,” or mislabeled food. We can always use meats, bakery, canned goods, packaged goods, rice, beans pasta, and paper goods.

Growers: Don’t dump or plow under, DONATE Instead

Mother Nature is not perfect. Produce can vary in size, shape and quantity. At Roadrunner Food Bank we can use any produce that doesn’t meet the retailers’ standards. We can assist by defraying some packaging costs by providing cardboard boxes or bins. Plus, we can facilitate transportation or arrange pickup of the food. Learn more about growers and farmers rescue here.

Our Food Rescue programs allow us to supplement the food we have available with fresh produce and other items that our network of partner agencies relies upon to feed the hungry. In fact, every year million upon million of pounds of the food we distributed was part of our Food Rescue Program!

Plus, your food donation is protected by federal law through the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act and state law too.

Make a Donation Today

Help us keep good quality food out of landfills by contributing your excess food today!  Instead of spending money disposing of unused food, make a charitable food donation to Roadrunner Food Bank.

If you have questions or need to talk with someone about food industry donations contact Aaron Luce at 505.349.8933 or aaron.luce@rrfb.org. Thank you for considering a donation of food so we can solve hunger in New Mexico.

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