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Individual Volunteers

Group Volunteers

Community Service and Court Volunteers

Feeding 70,000 people in New Mexico every week takes a lot of help from our community.  The helpful hands of thousands of volunteers allow us to distribute millions of pounds of food every year. As our supporter, we invite you to take action and volunteer.  Your gift of time helps solve hunger for so many New Mexico neighbors in need.

Roadrunner Food Bank seeks volunteers for both warehouse-based volunteer activities, and non-warehouse volunteer opportunities.

Warehouse Volunteers-Individuals, Groups and Businesses

Warehouse volunteers include individuals, school groups, businesses, civic organizations, and other small and large groups too. As a warehouse volunteer, you will help prep food for distribution to hungry people across the state at our Albuquerque warehouse.  Children six years and older can volunteer with the appropriate number of adults accompanying them.

Register to volunteer in our warehouse by selecting the photo at the top that best describes your warehouse volunteer experience with us.

For information about bringing children to volunteer, special needs volunteers, and general warehouse policies, please read this PDF.

More Information on Warehouse Volunteers

Individuals Volunteers – Use the link called Individual Volunteers.  Please note, use the portal for single-person volunteer appointments only. The registration page allows you to create a username and password to view open volunteer dates and times.  When you have successfully created a volunteer appointment, you will receive an email confirming your visit. If you do not receive an email, your appointment or change has not taken effect.  Returning volunteers are able to login using their credentials.

Groups – Use the link labeled Group Volunteers for any groups of 2 or more people.  Please complete the form and provide as many details as possible. Our staff will contact you about your requested volunteer date and time.  Please note that completing the form doesn’t guarantee the day and time requested is available.  It simply notifies us of your request.  If your suggested date/time is available, you will receive a group reservation link to forward to each member of your group.

Community Service and Court Mandated Volunteers – Community Service, NM Works, TANF and court-mandated volunteers are able to assist in our warehouse by completing the online form. Please note that completing the form doesn’t guarantee the day and time requested is available.  It simply notifies us of your interest. Our staff will contact you to confirm your requested volunteer time by phone, email or both.

Bringing Children and Teens to Volunteer in a Group – We welcome volunteers ages six and older. Each volunteer under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when volunteering. Use the Group Volunteers online form above to let us know of your volunteer request.

  • 6-10 years old must have 1 adult per 3 children
  • 11–15 years old must have 1 adult per 6 teens
  • 16-17 years old who register as individuals may volunteer without an adult (unless the activity is a school sponsored activity). They may not supervise children under 16 while volunteering.

Teens as Individual/Single Volunteers – Teens 16 and up may volunteer on their own as an individual/single volunteer, however, they may not supervise other children/teens under 16 while volunteering. Use the Individual Volunteer online registration system to sign up as an individual/single volunteer. If the teen is volunteering as part of a school/group activity, please follow the 1 adult per 6 teens ratio when bringing teenagers to volunteer.

Albuquerque Location:
Candace Baca – 505.349.5358 or candace.baca@rrfb.org

Warehouse Volunteers Needed:

  • Monday’s: 9 am to 1 pm
  • Tuesday’s – Friday’s: 9 am to 4 pm
  • Saturday’s: 8 am – 2 pm

Non-Warehouse Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers also have the opportunity to use their talents, specialized skills, their contacts and resources to help the Food Bank with a variety of different needs.  In essence, they volunteer to help with special projects or provide skills that assist in the overall needs and operations of the Food Bank.

It is important that we match skill-based volunteers with the right project and right activity.  The right match leads to mutually beneficial results for you as our volunteer and the Food Bank too.  Our goal is to provide you with a positive volunteer experience while helping accomplish important work!

How do I Help Sign Up for a Non-Warehouse Volunteer Opportunity?

  1. Complete the survey by clicking here.  The survey tells us more about you, your skills and your interest in various volunteer activities.
  2. Once you submit the survey, give our staff a few days to review it.  We’ll follow up with a call or email, and schedule a time to meet. At the meeting, we’ll go over specifics including hours you’d like to commit to the activity.
  3. If you and our staff find this is a mutual match, we’ll get you started on your volunteer experience.
  4. Thank you for your gift of time and talents!  We look forward to meeting you!

Non-Warehouse Volunteer Contact

If you have questions about our skill-based volunteer program, contact 505.349.5347 or shelbie.corriz@rrfb.org

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