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Corporate Giving Program for Employees who Volunteer or Donate

Volunteer Sorting ProduceMany employers match the support of their employees who get involved in charitable work.  It is possible that you work for a company that matches the number of hours you spend volunteering with a local charity.  It is also possible that your employer may match any financial contributions you donate to a charity like Roadrunner Food Bank.

To find out if your company has a corporate giving program, here are some suggestions to get started:

  • Contact your Human Resources Department or ask your manager if they match volunteer hours or match financial contributions given to a charitable 501c3 organization.
  • Review your company’s website for information about their corporate giving program
  • Ask/download the necessary forms that either your employer or the charity needs to sign to confirm hours volunteered or funds donated.
  • Submit the completed company forms to your employer to facilitate the matching volunteer hours or financial donations made.
  • Be sure to confirm any deadlines to turn in the necessary paperwork for your employer to match your volunteer efforts or gift of funds (fiscal year, calendar year, etc).
  • To get started, visit www.matchinggift.com and search your employers name.

Your gift of time, talents, and funds helps charities like Roadrunner Food Bank continue our important work and our services to feed hungry people across the state. By taking a few extra steps you can direct additional help to secure more meals for New Mexico’s hungry.

Thank you for taking action and making a difference one meal at a time!

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