The Color of Fall Gets a Boost of Orange

Have you noticed the change in temperature? Well, not necessarily during the day, but the evenings and mornings are starting to have that tinge of cooler air.  Fall is just about here.

But the weather is just one way we know autumn is coming.  There is the smell of chile roasting and the leaves on the trees starting to change to colors of yellow, brown and orange.  All are definite reminders that fall is just about here.

HAM_Logo_SpecsHowever, orange isn’t just a color of fall though. It is the color of Hunger Action Month.  Throughout September, Feeding America food banks across the country join together to increase awareness around the issue of hunger.  And as friends of Roadrunner Food Bank, we want you to join us and take action all month.  The ‘hunger actions’ you take this month can be big or small.  Volunteer, give, advocate and invite others to join you.

The easiest way you can help is simply by wearing orange especially on Thursday, September 5.  That day, Feeding America and Roadrunner Food Bank are encouraging our community to take part by wearing orange and letting others know to wear orange too!  And if you don’t wear orange, consider changing your social media sites to orange.  You can use this Facebook app to change your Facebook and Twitter images to orange and include a hunger theme.  The app has lots of other activities you can use too such as posting about hunger, emailing our congressional delegation about protecting federal hunger programs, taking the SNAP Challenge and more.

picture of Food Bank staff during Hunger Action Month 2012

(staff pictured during Hunger Action Month 2012 – wearing ORANGE shirts)


Another way we have made it easy for you to get involved during Hunger Action Month is by downloading, sharing and posting our 30 Ways in 3 Days calendar.  It provides you a daily and easy task to take an action all month long.  Download it here.

Why should you take action this month?  We live in a state where hunger is very prevalent.  In our state, we are ranked #1 among all states for childhood hunger and #2 for overall hunger.  View our state’s hunger stats via the latest Map the Meal Gap Report.

With these staggering figures, it is important for each of us to take simple and quick actions that might educate just one more person about hunger. Together, we can solve hunger, but it will take actions big and small from each of us to change this story for so many of our hungry and struggling neighbors.

Won’t you join us by wearing orange? Won’t you join us in solving hunger together?

Sonya Warwick is the Communications Officer at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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