The Only “Bowl” Event that is a Win-Win

It’s the season of bowls.  The Rose Bowl. The Orange Bowl. The Fiesta Bowl.  However, there is only one bowl that results in a win for everyone involved – Roadrunner Food Bank’s Souper Bowl! Finally, at long last, our favorite bowl is here!

This year’s Souper Bowl will be held on Saturday, January 25 and it brings together an amazing assortment of restaurants showcasing their most savory soups and delicious (and decadent) desserts.  This year about 45 restaurants will be participating in this event to help raise funds to continue Roadrunner Food Bank’s mission – to feed every hungry person today, seed partnerships that build self-sufficiency for tomorrow, and lead to achieve its vision of permanently ending hunger in New Mexico.

I attended my first Souper Bowl last year and was in awe.  The fabulous music that made you sway a little as you walked among the restaurant tables, the savory aromas that filled the air and the anticipation of tasting the source of the “mmmmm’s” that I heard throughout the room was enough to a put a smile on anyone’s face and make you glad you attended.  However, what truly fulfilled me wasn’t the introduction to new recipes and restaurants or the hope of winning my silent auction bids, it was the fact that I helped someone experiencing hunger.

IMG_8980 small

(Guests enjoying soups at Souper Bowl 2013 – photo courtesy of Ralph Stubbe)

By attending, I was part of an event that raised more than $80,000 for Roadrunner Food Bank and would go to help support hunger programs at the Food Bank.  Programs such as food boxes that help families in emergencies, the Mobile Food Pantry that provides 50 pounds of food to families at a hundreds of sites across the state, the food for kids program which supplies about 3,500 elementary school kids food to eat over the weekend, and the senior helpings program which provides food boxes to low income seniors who might not have any other food source.  I was helping others with my $40 ticket purchase and having fun at the same time.


(About 1,200 guests enjoy soups and desserts from 40 restaurants every year
photo courtesy of Ralph Stubbe)

This is why Roadrunner’s Souper Bowl is one of the rare occasions where everyone wins – attendees enjoy a great event, restaurants showcase their best flavors, and New Mexico is closer to feeding every hungry person.

Be sure to purchase your tickets at the early bird rate of $40 for adults and $10 for children under 12. Tickets can be bought at the door for $45. Tickets purchased after Jan. 21st will be held at Will Call.

Attend this one of a kind food tasting event!  You can be a winner and help those in need at the same time! With a win-win result, it’s the best type of bowl there is!

Jennifer Kemp serves as a member of Roadrunner Food Bank’s Communications Committee.

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