Time Flies By

When I was younger, I never believed it when older people told me that the passage of time seems to speed up dramatically as the years go by.  Now that I am in my 60s I realize that they were not just right.  They actually understated the experience by a lot.  It is inconceivable to me that 2013 is right around the corner.  Another year has gone and it feels like a month has passed.  It really does!

pictures of angel wings and a clock floating in the skyI’ve been thinking a lot about what causes this universal phenomenon.  I believe that when we accept our own mortality, we also realize that time is a precious commodity.  I know that I often feel an overwhelming sense of urgency about getting important projects done, and I sometimes become impatient with delays and obstacles.  Filling time with compelling work performed under deadline pressure makes time seem to fly by.

More important for me personally, though, is my sense of urgency about feeding hungry people.  People need to eat every day, and I try to fill my days with things that will advance our mission to end hunger in New Mexico.  If we wait, the golden years will be anything but golden for thousands of seniors.  If we wait, parents will skip meals so their children can eat.  If we wait, children won’t learn.  If we wait, thousands of our neighbors will experience the pain of hunger as anger, depression, despair, and hopelessness.

Waiting simply isn’t an option, so all of us at Roadrunner Food Bank fill our days with hard work and creativity to find ways to get more food to more hungry people.  Guided by that kind of a sense of purpose, I think that all of us have a sense of time flying by.  I know that I do!

Finally, as I have gotten older I have come to understand the concept of value in a deeper and more complex way than ever before.  I want to create value in the way I spend my time, in the way that I interact with people, in the way that I spend my money.  I try to make sure that both my leisure and work activities are ones that enhance my life or the lives of others.  I work to be fully present when I interact with friends, family and colleagues at work.  I contribute financially to causes (and no, the food bank is not the only one) where I know that I can expect a significant return on my modest investment.

a clock, kazoo, and pocket watch with New Year confettiAs this year unbelievably comes to an end I encourage you, regardless of your age, to devote some thought to how you use your time.  Even if it isn’t flying by now, it soon will be.  Life is short, and there is nothing like a strong sense of purpose to make the time we have valuable and meaningful.  I can’t imagine any other way…

Note:  As we approach the year’s end, please consider a gift to Roadrunner Food Bank.  It is a great value ($9 worth of food for every $1 spent) for a great purpose.  And between now and December 31, PNM will match your gift up to a total of $32,000.
How to Give:

  • Donate online HERE
  • Call us at 505.349.8909
  • Bring your monetary donation to the Food Bank at 5840 Office Blvd. NE
  • Gifts of non-perishable food can be brough to any Albuquerque area metro Starbucks until the end of December


Melody Wattenbarger is President and CEO of Roadrunner Food Bank.

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