‘Tis the Season to Give Food

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  We all are there right now thinking of the holiday preparations, especially gift giving.  “Will Aunt Mary like this sweater?” “What was the furry singing toy my niece wanted?” “What in the world do I get my mother-in-law?”  Then there is the gift wrapping, decorating, holiday get togethers, shopping, cooking…whew! So much to do!  I, like many of you, have been caught up in the seasonal preparations.  Not only is it easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of the holidays, but it’s also easy to take the season for granted.  There are so many people out there who are not worried about gift giving or decorating, but are concerned about putting a simple meal on the table for themselves and their family.  They aren’t thinking wrapping or shipping boxes, they are thinking of where the next meal will come from and what it will be.  Not only can we give to our family and friends this holiday season, but we can help those whom we do not know.

One of the things that I recently learned about Roadrunner Food Bank, which surprised me, was that Roadrunner supplies food to food pantries across New Mexico.  I always thought it supported Albuquerque only.  In fact, donations that go to Roadrunner help hundreds of people across the state.  Because of this, giving to Roadrunner Food Bank this holiday season makes it easy to help many people.  I know, I know – you are wondering “When do I have time to go buy things to donate? Between work, shopping, family, friends – there just isn’t time.”  Actually, there is an easy way to give: open your cupboards and take a look around.  Do you really need those 5 packages of pasta?  How did you end up with 7 cans of peaches (and will you really eat them all by the end of the month)?  Remember the “soup kick” you were on last month?  Well, while soup is good for you – but it’s also a great addition to the Food Bank.  Don’t forget that top shelf – that bag of pinto beans, the cake mix, and the black eyed peas  will be welcome additions to Roadrunner’s shelves.

This month, open your heart and your cupboards to spread the season of giving across the state.  I can’t think of a better way to truly celebrate the season of giving than to give to others – especially those who are in need.  And, if you are really ambitious, you could ask friends to bring non-perishable foods to your next gathering and help them celebrate by giving, too!  Happy holidays to you, your family and the families helped by Roadrunner Food Bank!

In December, you can drop off your non-perishable food donations at any Starbucks in the metro area, any Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union or at any of these locations.

Jennifer Kemp is a Senior Communications Specialist at HealthInsight and a member of the Food Bank’s Communications Committee.

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