Tricks and Treats Benefit Roadrunner Food Bank

The other day I was thinking, “How can my family or others help give back to the community or maybe collect food?”  Well, come to find out there are so many ways to help give back. Here’s an example of how one family is giving back this Halloween.

Let me introduce you to The Worrell Family. Each year they spend days and days as well as uncounted hours getting their house just perfect for some Halloween fun.  Yup, they love to celebrate Halloween and host a “fright night” on All Hallows Eve.  One unique twist to their annual fright night this year is asking trick or treaters to bring food as a donation for Roadrunner Food Bank.

Halloween_Flyer0001Flier the Worrell family made inviting their neighbors to help out.

At the event, you’ll see all the fun Halloween activities they normally put out to entertain trick or treaters including a gravesite, a haunted mausoleum, games and prizes along with lots of goodies. The real bonus here is that they are collecting food for Roadrunner Food Bank. What a unique way to tie in a charitable activity to something they are already planning for the benefit of the community.

After hearing about this great idea at the Worrell family home, it has made me realizes that there are quite a few ways to give back to the community.  You can have a food drive any time of the year for Roadrunner Food Bank, tie it to an event you are already doing like the Worrell family, host competitions among each other to see who can collect the most nonperishable items and more!


Worrell Family’s children (Kyla) and friends of her family

So I ask if you’re planning an enjoyable, fun and relaxing night with your kids on Halloween night?  If you are, consider bringing them and asking them to donate food items at the Worrell house on All Hallows Eve!  At a minimum, stop by and take a look at this wonderful house and all of its fright night decorations! It is amazing and the kids will love it.

For more information on hosting a food drive, visit or call 505.349.8921.

AnnaMarie Maez is the Food Drive Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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