Walmart Gives $75,000 to Help Solve Hunger in New Mexico!


Many thanks to Walmart & their State Grant Program, which gave us $75,000 towards our Health & Wellness Initiative!

Not only is $75,000 enough to make 375,000 additional meals possible for our hungry neighbors across New Mexico.

This means we can strengthen the support of ongoing projects such as:

– Increasing the reach of the Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI);

– Increasing the reach of the Senior Hunger Initiative (SHI);

– Increasing SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Outreach resources;

– Increase funding for food & technology at the Healthy Foods Center (HFC), and;

– Increase funding for produce at Mobile Food Pantries!

The generous corporate support of partners such as Walmart helps our hungry neighbors like Faith. Faith was referred to our Healthy Foods Center by her healthcare provider after she was found to be “food insecure” during a screening exam at her doctor’s visit last year. At this point in her life, Faith experienced two sets of challenges. Not only was she diagnosed with missing critical vitamins and other nutrients in her diet. Faith had also undergone a divorce from her husband, leaving herself financially crushed with little money to spend on fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods.

“I especially love the watermelons and avocadoes when they’re here,” Faith told us as she was visiting the Center recently.

Thanks, Walmart, for helping us to seed initiatives and to cultivate stronger health across all of the communities we serve!

Photo Courtesy of Matthew Young, Taken at Villa Nueva Senior Hunger Initiative (SHI) Mobile Food Pantry, May 2015.

Matthew “Matt” Young is the Communications Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. To comment on this or other blog features, you can comment directly below; call Matthew at (505) 349-8845; or e-mail Matthew at 

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