We got the grant – THANK YOU!

We cannot thank our dedicated community of supporters enough!  We have won a $60,000 grant from Walmart’s Fight Hunger, Spark Change campaign to help solve child hunger – and it’s all because of your votes!  Roadrunner Food Bank will be given $45,000 for our Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI).  In addition, three of our partner agencies—the Rio Grande Food Project, The Storehouse and the Holy Family St. Vincent de Paul’s program—will also receive $5,000 each!

Mom and boys

(A mother shopping at a food pantry with her three sons.)

Walmart’s “Fight Hunger, Spark Change” Campaign awards grants to the fifty food banks in the nation that receive the most votes.  The competition was steep this year, and the voting came down to the wire.  The last day of the campaign was a nail-biter, but our community came together and took action!  We finished well within the Top 50, ranking #32 in the polls.  Our success is all because of you!  You took the time to vote every day.  You shared our Facebook posts with your friends and family.  You retweeted our tweets.  You helped ensure that children in New Mexico do not go to bed with empty stomachs.  Our state is number one for child hunger, and this grant will help us work to change that!


dad and kids

(A father and his young daughter and infant son.)

The Food Bank will use the grant to help fund our Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI), which is providing better access to food for hungry children and their families.  With CHI, we distribute food through partnerships with schools in a variety of ways.  We offer a combination of monthly farmers-market-style mobile food pantries, school-based pantries, and weekend backpacks for situations where the family has no means of cooking.  This program is allowing us to get more fresh food into hungry households, and through CHI, we expect to double or triple the amount of food we were distributing with our former Food For Kids backpack-only program.

Again, thank you for standing with us to solve hunger!

Shannon Kunkel is the Communications Coordinator for Roadrunner Food Bank.

2 Responses to We got the grant – THANK YOU!

  1. Swim Karim says:

    This is such great news all around. I was really rooting for this to come through for your organization. Next year you will break that top ten in votes! Congrats!

    • Thank you! We were pleased with our results, but there is always room for improvement. Next year will likely be even more competitive – we will have our game-faces on! We are so very appreciative of your support and participation!

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