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What You Need to Know for Souper Bowl

Thanks for joining us for a #SouperEvent! We are looking forward to welcoming you to Souper Bowl on Saturday, January 26th at Roadrunner Food Bank, 5840 Office Blvd NE. Here is some important information about the event.

You may arrive as early as 8:30 am to unload and set up.  We ask you to be ready to serve by 10:30 am. Please DO NOT arrive later than 10:15 am.   Go to dock doors 1 – 4 on the south side of our building.  Roadrunner staff will help you check in, unload your supplies on a cart and find your booth.

Soup Storage
You will only have two burners and no cold storage at your booth.  Roadrunner staff will label your tubs of cold soup with your restaurant’s name and put them in our cold storage until you need it.

How Much and What to Bring

  • 15 gallons of soup if you serve soup.
  • At least 1,000 small bite-sized dessert servings if you serve dessert.
  • Equipment needed to serve soup such as pots, trays and ladles.
  • Two people to represent your restaurant and serve your soup and/or dessert.
  • Decorations for your 6’ table.  Have fun with this. Guests vote for the best decorated booth.
  • Marketing materials to hand out to guests such as menus, coupons, brochures, etc.

With 1,200+ attendees, 120 volunteers, 70 food bank staff and staff from 40 restaurants, parking is very tight at Souper Bowl.  Please park in the south truck lot where our dock doors are.  Please have staff working the event carpool.  You may not park in the parking lot in front of our building.  Vehicles in the truck lot may be parked in during the event. Staff that might be arriving separately are asked to park in the truck lot or in the overflow parking area at New Mexico Mutual on the corner of Singer and Office.

Your Booth Space Includes:

  •  A 6′ table with a red table cloth from which you will serve
  • You will share a 6′ table with a restaurant next to you that will be between your booths
  • Signage for each booth with your restaurant’s name.  Signs are hung the day before. We are unable to switch restaurant locations the morning of the event.
  • You must have at least two people representing your restaurant to serve and staff your booth.  Booths are not large and we ask that you not bring more than the staff who are needed.
  • Spoons and 2 oz. cups for soup, dessert plates and forks for desserts, along with cocktail napkins.
  • A bleach bucket, roll of paper towels, small towel, waste basket, hand sanitizer, bottled water
  • Two burners for soup restaurants, and four gas canisters
  • Volunteers to serve as runners to re-supply your soup, dessert or other items listed above.
  • If it’s not on this list we do not provide it.


Volunteer Helpers
You and a restaurant next to you will have a volunteer assigned to help you during the event.  Please welcome these volunteers and let them help you.  They are employees of our sponsors and other dedicated groups of people who are donating their time on a weekend to help out.  Your volunteer can retrieve more supplies for you like the 2 oz. cups, spoons, napkins, and gas canisters.  They can retrieve your soup out of cold storage and find a staff person if you have a spill that requires a mop.  They can help serve as well.

Should you have any questions during the event, Roadrunner Food Bank staff will have a badge with their name and will be happy to assist you.

Container Sales
In the last ten minutes of the event we will be selling 20 oz. foam containers to attendees.  It’s another way to raise funds for our mission. Please fill these containers if you do not want to take leftover soup back with you.  Roadrunner cannot distribute any leftovers that you leave behind.

We do not provide:

  • Electricity
  • Serving utensils like ladles and spatulas
  • Serving trays or platters
  • Pots, pans or other containers for storage or cooking
  • More than two burners.  If you think you will need more burners you must bring them.

Do Not:

  • Arrive later than 10:15 am
  • Serve alcohol
  • Bring people who are not there to work in your booth
  • Place anything in front of your booth, like a floor sign or decoration.  Traffic gets heavy and any items will be trampled and knocked over
  • Take our tablecloths or burners after the event.  These items are all marked with “RRFB”.  All other linens are rented and we will have to pay for them if we come up short.
  • Pack up before 2:00

We want you to consider Souper Bowl your favorite food tasting and charity event.  Please let us know if you have questions and any ideas of what we can do to make the event even better.

Questions?  Contact:



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