Why Food Rescue Matters in 2016




“I was laid off at the start of the school year and my boys needed school uniforms.  I had no money to buy food after school supplies.  I have to limit how much we eat and sometimes we have to skip meals. Thank goodness a hunger-relief program started at our school.”

Kathleen, Roadrunner client

To help nourish and support more of our hungry neighbors like Kathleen, we need to rescue food from our agricultural, food manufacturer, and grocery partners. Especially as New Mexico continues to rank among the Top 10 hungriest states in the nation, and as New Mexico now holds the highest childhood poverty rate in the country, food rescue goes even further towards meeting vital needs for people statewide!

Fortunately, 2015 proved to be a record year in food rescue for Roadrunner. Thanks to many food sector partners, we received 26.9 million pounds of food last year, a new record for us!  For some perspective, 26.9 million pounds of food can provide 8.9 million meals!

Now, you may be asking, “Who stepped up to make such numbers possible?” Here are just some of our top food rescue donors from 2015:

Since the beginning of January alone, we have worked with Albertsons and Price’s Dairy as part of the #GreatAmericanMilkDrive to secure the rescuing of more dairy products. During the week of January 11th, Albertson’s & Price’s Dairy donated +700 gallons of milk to one of our partner agencies in Las Cruces (NM), Casa de Peregrinos!

Imagine, if we can rescue more food pounds in 2016, we could make an even broader impact. Acting together, we can move New Mexico out from being one of the Top 10 hungriest states in the United States. Acting together, New Mexico doesn’t have to be known for having the highest childhood poverty rate in the country. Acting together, we can make for a state of good!

If you are in the food industry and would like general information about donating food, please visit our food industry informational page here.  For detailed information on our food rescue program contact Julie Anderson at julie@rrfb.org or 505.349.8933.

Thanks to all of our food rescue partners and together in 2016, we will continue making a difference in the lives of our hungry New Mexico neighbors!

Photo of Albertson’s & Price’s Dairy staff at Casa de Peregrinos, Rescuing +700 Gallons of Milk, Week of January 11th, 2016. Photo Courtesy of Lorenzo Alba.

Matthew “Matt” Young is the Communications Coordinator at Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. To comment on this or other blog features, you can comment directly below; call Matthew at (505) 349-8845; or e-mail Matthew at matthew.young@rrfb.org. 

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