Your Vote Can Help Make a Difference

voteDuring political campaigns we are all encouraged to “get out and vote” (or “rock the vote” for the younger generation) and during these campaigns we all have had that moment when we wonder “Does my vote really make a difference?”  Well, now you have a chance to vote for something local and, yes, your vote will make the difference!

Roadrunner Food Bank has submitted a proposal to Walmart’s Fighting Hunger Together campaign for the Roadrunner Food Bank’s Food for Kids Program. When I visited the food bank, this was one of the programs that really hit home for me. My mom was an elementary school teacher for 25 years and she saw many children with great potential who didn’t have enough to eat and how it impacted their education and daily lives.

FightingHungerIconThe Food for Kids program helps elementary school age kids and their younger siblings who do not have enough food to eat at home during the weekends and holidays. During the school year, Roadrunner Food Bank distributes food to schools for children to take home a backpack filled with child-friendly nutritious foods. (This includes cereal, milk, juice, and other kid-friendly foods.) Every school week about 4,000 children in 45 low-income schools receive food from this program.  In some instances, this is the only food a child has available to them at home.

As part of the funding opportunity, the Food for Kids project will be featured on Facebook with many other deserving entries.  Visitors get one vote per day; and at the end of April, 40 food banks and 60 projects with the most votes will receive funding!

This is where your vote counts!!  Visit between April 1 and April 30 and vote for the Roadrunner Food Bank Food for Kids Program.  Your daily vote can make the difference!

So, get on your mobile phone, vote from home in your PJs, and have your friends vote!  It doesn’t matter how you vote, as long as you vote.  It’s an easy way to help Roadrunner Food Bank help provide nutritious food to children in need.  So get ready, get set, and VOTE! (

Jennifer Kemp is with HealthInsight New Mexico and serves as a volunteer on Roadrunner Food Bank’s Communication Committee.

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