Your Vote Counts During Hunger Action Month!

On Monday, September 15, we invite you to take a daily action during Hunger Action Month in the form of an online vote!  Roadrunner Food Bank will be competing with about 130 other food banks across the nation for a chance to win a $60,000 grant.  With a quick click of the mouse, your daily vote could earn funds for both Roadrunner Food Bank and three of our partner agencies that help us distribute food.


(Walmart’s “Fight Hunger, Spark Change” Campaign includes the opportunity to win $60,000 to solve hunger in New Mexico.)

To cast a vote, visit  You can vote every 24-hours from Monday, September 15 through Sunday, October 5 at 11:59 p.m.  Fifty food banks with the most votes will be selected for the $60,000 grant.  Help keep us in the running by voting daily.

However, please take our message to vote one step further.  Invite others to vote, too. Send an email message. Send a text message to friends with the voting link. Tell your co-workers.  The more people we can engage and ask to vote every day through Oct. 5, the more likely we will earn the $60,000 grant.

Should we receive the grant, our plan is to use it for a new program we just implemented called the Childhood Hunger Initiative. This new initiative will bring existing programs to 45 school partners that will include a combination of monthly mobile food pantry visits, school-based food pantries and backpacks filled with food for children to take home on the weekends.

With New Mexico ranked #1 for child hunger, this new initiative will allow us to double, if not triple, the amount of food we are supplying to children and their families through our school partners.

Thank you for taking a daily action during Hunger Action Month by voting 9/15 through 10/5. Your support helps Roadrunner Food Bank, Rio Grande Food Project, The Storehouse and the St. Vincent de Paul program at Holy Family Parish.

Information about the Walmart Voting Campaign:

  • Vote daily at
  • The site will not be live until 9/15
  • If you don’t know how to find Roadrunner Food Bank’s project, use the search button on the page
  • You can use your computer to vote, a tablet or your mobile phone
  • Must have a Facebook account to vote
  • Those 13 years and older may vote through the website
  • Share your daily vote on social media to encourage others to vote, too

Together, with you by our side, we can solve hunger.

Sonya Warwick is the Communications Officer at Roadrunner Food Bank.

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