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Our Programs

Childhood Hunger Initiative – The program is designed for schools and aims to reach poverty stricken families at low income schools.  The initiative brings a combination of hunger-relief programs to roughly 50 school partners.  School partners have the ability to receive food from the Food Bank through a monthly mobile traveling food pantry, a school-based or on-site food pantry, or through backpacks filled with food.

Emergency Family Food Box – The thirty five pound food box is targeted to assist families in emergency situations such as a fire, a flood, a domestic violence situation, or medical emergency.  Schools, hospitals, emergency responders and the Southwest Family Advocacy Center distribute more than 700 emergency food boxes to those in crisis every year.

Healthy Foods Center – The Healthy Foods Center (HFC) at Roadrunner Food Bank is a medical referral food pantry which allows clients who are experiencing both a chronic illness and food insecurity access to healthy foods, nutrition education, and other ancillary services. We work with designated local clinics who refer persons to the HFC based on their health needs. Set up as a grocery store, the HFC allows referred clients to shop weekly and select items that contribute to a healthy diet. We focus on distributing fresh fruits and vegetables, while offering healthy alternatives to everyday choices.

Mobile Food Pantry – The program is a traveling food pantry that eliminates the need for long-term or large-capacity storage and provides families 50 pounds of perishable and non-perishable food.  Families represent a large segment of clients served at Mobile Food Pantry sites where 43% of those helped are children.

Senior Hunger Initiative –Provides a combination of hunger-relief program at low-income senior housing sites, senior centers and other senior locations.  Each site has the ability to start an on-site food pantry to help seniors any time they need help with food.  Each site also has a monthly mobile food pantry distribution at each of the Senior Hunger Initiative sites where seniors can receive fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat and other healthy food items.

Additional Services to the Community

Disaster Relief – Roadrunner Food Bank provides food, water and other supplies during disasters.  In New Mexico, we have provided food to more than 450 families affected by flooding in Hatch, Alamogordo, Socorro and Laguna in 2006.  In 2007, we were called upon to send food to Clovis after a major tornado blew through the community.  We provided food during the Cerro Grande Fire in Los Alamos in 2000.  Roadrunner has also been called upon by our sister food banks around the country and affiliated with Feeding America to participate in national disaster relief efforts such as the devasting tornados that hit Oklahoma in May 2013, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and others.

Referrals for Food – As a hunger-relief organization, we will gladly provide anyone who needs help with food several contacts at our affiliated partner agencies to call and receive help with food.  The referrals are based on geographic location.  Simply call 349-8841 and provide your zip code to receive a list of 3-5 agencies near you to access food.

For detailed information about our programs, view our Fact Sheet (PDF)

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