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Green Initiatives & Recycling

The Green Initiatives we undertake must remain cost neutral and any initial expenditures must be covered by specific grants or funds for green programs.  We would never use any donor funds that are earmarked for our mission-based activities to underwrite any of our green activities. As much as we want to support all green initiatives, our primary mission is to feed as many hungry people as possible and our green programs should support our mission, not detract from it. In 2010 we began our process and have over the past few years, completed many different projects outlined below.

2010 Green Initiatives

2011 Green Initiatives

2012 Green Initiatives

2013 Green Initiatives

2014 Green Initiatives

2015 Green Initiatives

2016 Green Initiatives

Did you know that Roadrunner Food Bank can take your clean recyclables and turn them into money to help us underwrite some operational costs and save on expenses? Visit the link below to see what types of recycling we can accept, and when.

Recycling Products at Roadrunner Food Bank

If you would like to be involved or have specific questions about our Green Initiatives, please contact Teresa Johansen at 505.349.8897 or teresa@rrfb.org.

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