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Volunteers Needed for SNAP Outreach

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), benefits New Mexicans who need help putting food on the table. SNAP is a government-funded program that assists people experiencing hunger across the United States. SNAP provides supplemental funds to ease the financial burdens families face, allowing people to preserve their limited budgets for rent, prescriptions and necessary living expenses.

Roadrunner Food Bank helps New Mexicans apply for SNAP benefits while distributing food through a network of partner agencies and mobile food pantries in communities across the state. We need SNAP Outreach volunteers to help their hungry neighbors apply to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

SNAP Facts

In 2008, the U.S. government renamed the Food Stamp Program as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). At this time, all references to “stamp” or “coupon” were replaced with “card” and “EBT.” The benefits of SNAP help hunger relief organizations better serve the growing number of people who need help with food on a regular basis. Facts to know about SNAP include:

  • SNAP permits people to select and obtain food they prefer.
  • SNAP generates about nine dollars of economic activity for local communities where benefits are spent.
  • SNAP is designed to provide benefits for everyone who qualifies.
  • Having a job or owning property, such as a car or house, does not prevent you from qualifying for SNAP.
  • Homeless people may qualify for food stamp benefits.
  • American born children of undocumented parents may be eligible, even if their parents are not.
  • Adult immigrants with legal status for five years may be eligible for SNAP benefits.
  • 19% of New Mexicans (around 83,000) would qualify for SNAP benefits, but are not informed about the program and have not yet applied to receive them.

Help New Mexicans With Food

New Mexico ranks high among other states for the number of people at risk of going hungry. In the past year, more than 18% of people in New Mexico struggled to put food on the table for their families. Roadrunner Food Bank is a hunger relief organization, serving nearly 40,000 people every week, and the need continues to grow. Many New Mexicans who would qualify for SNAP benefits are only utilizing food assistance through Roadrunner Food Bank and still do not have enough to eat. By obtaining food from the Food Bank and through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, hungry people can often receive more consistent meals. Often times, hungry families cannot get enough food through any one service alone.  By providing a variety of sources of food, people in need are more likely to have enough to eat.

To further assist people who need help, the staff at Roadrunner Food Bank provides applications, eligibility guidelines and explains any paperwork needed to receive SNAP benefits. By volunteering with us and conducting SNAP Outreach, you will help provide additional resources to hungry neighbors who lack basic necessities.

When you volunteer with the SNAP Outreach program, you will receive training to ensure you can provide the correct information and help fellow New Mexicans. The training consists of 60-90 minutes and covers SNAP history, myths & facts and best practices for assisting clients in the SNAP application process.

Volunteer for SNAP Outreach Today

As a volunteer with SNAP Outreach you will be an integral part of Roadrunner Food Bank. You will be able to educate New Mexicans on the SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) program and help them through the application process. Contact Liz Curry at our Albuquerque Branch at 505.349.5328 or liz.curry@rrfb.org, or contact Jason Riggs at 505.349.8833 or jason@rrfb.org. In Southern New Mexico, contact Paige Sharp at our Las Cruces Branch at 575.323.5149 or paige.sharp@rrfb.org. Help make a difference today!

Volunteer for the SNAP Outreach program with Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico today!

In Albuquerque, call 505-247-2052.
In Las Cruces, call 575-523-4390.

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