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Food Safety at Roadrunner Food Bank

Delivering quality food to hungry people in New Mexico is our main goal at Roadrunner Food Bank. And, every week, Roadrunner Food Bank feeds 70,000 hungry people in New Mexico.

To ensure that the food we provide is handled in a safe manner, we follow food safety guidelines from Feeding America in every aspect of our work—from food drives to store pick-ups. Food safety is one aspect of our Food Rescue Program.

Following Food Safety Procedures

At our Food Bank, we work hard to ensure that all the food we receive is delivered in an acceptable form and properly maintained while in our care. Our warehouse staff are all trained in proper food safety standards and procedures. Our food safety guidelines include:

  • Ensuring that all food received from food drives and store pick-ups are transported at proper temperatures, inspected and continue to remain safe to be consumed by hungry clients
  • Checking best use by dates and product packaging to make sure that the food is properly protected and is still safe to eat
  • Sorting and inspecting perishable items for spoilage, mold, and contamination
  • Storing perishable items at proper temperatures and performing regular checks for food temperature consistency
  • Participating and communicating with our partner agencies in food product recalls
  • Inspecting all areas of the Food Bank to maintain a clean and safe space to properly handle food
  • Following AIB standards as the Food Bank seeks accreditation under AIB food safety guidelines.  AIB is an international accreditation program whose purpose is to protect the global food supply chain.

At Roadrunner Food Bank, food safety is a top priority. Taking these steps helps us ensure that New Mexico’s hungry people get quality food that provides the nutrition and sustenance they need.

Feeding our Community

Every week, we provide food to 70,000 people in New Mexico. That adds up to more than 30 million pounds of food every year. We always need volunteers and donations to keep up with the growing number of people seeking help with food in New Mexico. Contact us today to see how you can help.

Looking for more ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

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