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Your Gifts Make it Happen!

No mom should ever have to ask her children this question. She returned home from another 12-hour shift as a nursing home cook empty-handed and asked her daughter, “How hungry are you on a scale of 1 to 10?” In the same breath, her 13-year-old daughter Gabriela asked, “Did you bring us anything to eat?” Ana shook her head and watched Gabriela open and close the empty fridge. The struggling mom wanted to burst into tears. She was no longer allowed to bring leftovers home to her children from her job. Ana was desperate. Her meager salary didn’t stretch far enough to cover all the meals she needed for her three children, especially during the summer months.  Like so many struggling parents, Ana depends on the school lunch program to provide two meals a day to her children. When school lets out for the summer, replacing these meals is a challenge. In New Mexico, one out of every three children is at risk of going hungry. While other children enjoy a carefree summer, they worry when they will get their next meal. In her darkest hour, Ana heard about Roadrunner Food Bank’s hunger-relief programs, and network of partner organizations. She was able to sign up and receive food!  Now she knows that her children will have healthy food all summer. There are so many more hardworking parents who still worry about how to feed their children. Boys and girls right here in our own backyard need your immediate help, or they will spend a long summer experiencing hunger. Whatever you can do, please act today! Hungry children and desperate families really need our support. To make a contribution visit this link.

One Day in September

School can be so much fun.  Crayons, markers, and backpacks!  Seeing friends and hanging out on the playground.  It is a time of hard work for students, but also a time that hungry children can count on school subsidized meals – at least twice a day.  But it isn’t enough.  In New Mexico, one in three children is at risk of hunger.  Dinner time, weekends, holidays and summers are tough for kids and worrisome for their parents.  During their time away from school, low-income children and their families stress about how they will eat. Without enough calories, how can we expect children to thrive, learn and grow?  

Water Donations Are Important Too!

Thanks to a generous donation from Crystal Springs, Roadrunner Food Bank has roughly $16,000 worth of water to distribute to partners across our state.  Water is very important for hunger organizations to have on hand.  Why?  Some of the locations where we bring and then distribute food have no or little access to utilities.  And hungry people living in those remote locations not only are experiencing hunger, but they also are trying to figure out how to keep their perishable food from spoiling or must haul in water to drink, wash dishes, do laundry, etc.

An Honor From Our Community

Earlier this month, Roadrunner Food Bank was honored in a very special way by Albuquerque Business First.  During a breakfast event among top-notch non-profit peers, local businesses, philanthropic community members and others, Roadrunner Food Bank was selected as the winner of the 2014 Non-profit of the Year Award in the Human Services category.

Your Vote Counts During Hunger Action Month!

On Monday, September 15, we invite you to take a daily action during Hunger Action Month in the form of an online vote!  Roadrunner Food Bank will be competing with about 130 other food banks across the nation for a chance to win a $60,000 grant.  With a quick click of the mouse, your daily vote could earn funds for both Roadrunner Food Bank and three of our partner agencies that help us distribute food.

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