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Water Donations Are Important Too!

Thanks to a generous donation from Crystal Springs, Roadrunner Food Bank has roughly $16,000 worth of water to distribute to partners across our state.  Water is very important for hunger organizations to have on hand.  Why?  Some of the locations where we bring and then distribute food have no or little access to utilities.  And hungry people living in those remote locations not only are experiencing hunger, but they also are trying to figure out how to keep their perishable food from spoiling or must haul in water to drink, wash dishes, do laundry, etc. Many of us just assume that living in 21st century America means everyone has access to running water or electricity in their home.  However, just a 20 minute drive from the Food Bank, there are several communities with no electricity or running water.  They rely on power generators and haul water to their home. For a population already struggling, finding and securing clean water and power adds many more steps to an already complicated existence. Having a supply of water on hand at the Food Bank also ensures water is available during times of disaster.  When unexpected disasters happen, we have water ready to send to the affected community immediately.  When the Magdalena community’s well ran dry, our hunger-relief partners reached out to us immediately and asked what we could do to help.  Until a more permanent solution could be found, we provided our partners clean drinking water to the community of Magdalena right away. There have been other times too that having water available in our inventory was important during a natural disaster.  Flooding in southern New Mexico has been a regular occurrence these past few summers.  We often partner with other organizations like the American Red Cross or our hunger-relief network of food pantries to bring clean drinking water to communities experiencing flooding and people become displaced from their homes. Flooding often leaves the current drinking water filled with sediment or other debris unsuitable for people to drink.  When that happens, communities put a boiling restriction on water from the tap or ask the community not to drink the water at all until the issue has been resolved.   As a disaster responder we work with the necessary organizations when our help is needed and provide both water and emergency food too. Thank you to Crystal Springs and the many donors who provide us clean drinking water so we have it on hand the moment it is needed. Sonya Warwick is the Communications Manager at Roadrunner Food Bank.

Holiday Food & Fund Drive 2014 Sponsored by Smith’s

This holiday season your support makes a difference for hungry families throughout New Mexico.  Take part by hosting a food drive, creating a fundraising team through our Online Food Drive, giving or volunteering.  Helping makes a tremendous difference by generating awareness about hunger in our state and community! How to get involved? Make a gift to the Food Bank. Start a team and raise funds through our Online Food Drive. You create your own fundraising page and send invitations inviting others to give through email to friends, family and co-workers. View our Holiday Calendar of Events for a list of many ways get involved. Volunteer! Sign up for a volunteer shift –  CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER Donate non-perishable food. Leave a bag near your mailbox on Sat., Nov. 22 during the Letter Carriers’ Food Drive. Your letter carrier will pick it up for the Food Bank. You can also bring food donations to ANY Smith’s Food and Drug Store. Read and share our newsletter, and sign up to receive email from us HERE. Click the hyperlink for more information about our Holiday Food & Fund Drive. THANK YOU TO OUR 2014 HOLIDAY FOOD AND FUND SPONSORS

Thanksgiving for All

In the spirit of giving thanks, we want to thank you for the gifts you’ve sent to help our hungry neighbors. Your generosity has touched their lives in a very meaningful way and given them the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their families. While many people look forward to sharing a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, for those who are hungry Thanksgiving is just another day of struggling to feed their families. Julio is a six-year-old child who worries about not having enough to eat. His mother died about a year ago, and he lives with his father, Ernesto, and his younger sister. Even though Ernesto works, money is very limited and there is often no food in the house. “One day at school, I was teaching the class about Thanksgiving,” Julio’s teacher said. “Julio looked so sad, I thought he was going to cry. After class, I asked him what was wrong and he said, ‘No Thanksgiving for us. We don’t have any food.’” Julio’s teacher told Ernesto about a partner food pantry near the family’s house. They gave Ernesto’s family a box of food and said he could come back for groceries to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner. “I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the food we received,” Ernesto said. “I am so grateful, I hardly know what to say. Thank you to all the kind people who are helping us. This good food for my children is truly a gift like no other.” To give, visit www.rrfb.org/thanks. Thank you for giving and making this truly a Thanksgiving for All.

An Honor From Our Community

Earlier this month, Roadrunner Food Bank was honored in a very special way by Albuquerque Business First.  During a breakfast event among top-notch non-profit peers, local businesses, philanthropic community members and others, Roadrunner Food Bank was selected as the winner of the 2014 Non-profit of the Year Award in the Human Services category.

Your Vote Counts During Hunger Action Month!

On Monday, September 15, we invite you to take a daily action during Hunger Action Month in the form of an online vote!  Roadrunner Food Bank will be competing with about 130 other food banks across the nation for a chance to win a $60,000 grant.  With a quick click of the mouse, your daily vote could earn funds for both Roadrunner Food Bank and three of our partner agencies that help us distribute food.

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