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Triple the Impact of Your Giving Today!

Through the end of December, your giving has triple the impact!  For every $1 you donate, Bank of America’s Charitable Foundation will give $2 more. To participate and have your donation matched, give through Feeding America’s weblink. As a national matching program for food banks, the gifts are made through an online portal with our national organization, Feeding America. To designate your local food bank, enter your zip code and your entire gift and the match will be forwarded to Roadrunner Food Bank in March 2017.  Bank of America will match any individual’s gift up to $1,000 per donor with a maximum match of up to $50,000 per Feeding America affiliated food bank.  The total match by the Bank of America Foundation is up to $1,500,000 for Feeding America and its affiliated food banks across the U.S. If you have questions about the Bank of America match, call 505.349.8682 or email sonya@rrfb.org.

App Connects People to Help throughout NM

Use our FREE app to find help with food in your community. The app shows most of our food distribution points across the state of New Mexico. The Food Bank serves as a distribution hub and provides food to hundreds of affiliated partners around the state including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, regional food banks and other meal and hunger-relief programs.  Roadrunner also distributes food through its own specialized programs helping children, families, and seniors through food distribution sites at schools, low-income seniors housing sites and senior centers. Through this statewide hunger-relief network, we are helping 70,000 hungry people in our state weekly.  If you need help with food you can download the FREE app on GooglePlay and iOS. – www.rrfb.org/googleplay – www.rrfb.org/apple The app also provides FREE information on obtaining help to apply for SNAP (food stamp) benefits, transportation in main metro areas, discounts on prescription medication, how to volunteer and how to connect with us on social media. If you have questions about the app, call 505.349.8682 or email info@rrfb.org.  

Land O’ Lakes Makes More Meals Available Across New Mexico!

Many thanks to Land O’Lakes, Inc. for their June 23rd, 2016 donation of more than 40,000 pounds of Land O’Lakes Reduced Fat Macaroni and Cheese Entree with Whole Grain to us here at Roadrunner and to hungry families across New Mexico!

Morgan Stanley Helps Roadrunner Solve Childhood Hunger!

Morgan Stanley has been a critical partner in working with Roadrunner Food Bank to ensure that low-income children and their families have access to a source of nutritious food to prepare at home. The funding Morgan Stanley has previously provided to the Food Bank’s Childhood Hunger Initiative is already providing 1.3 million pounds of food to elementary schools across the state.

New Mexico Farms Help Solve Hunger & In Big Ways!

New Mexico’s largest food bank is reflecting on a record-setting year, thanks to the amount of fresh, local food donated by farmers in the state.

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