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Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI) in New Mexico

Hunger can have immediate and lasting effects on children during the most crucial developmental stage in their lives. The Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI) at Roadrunner Food Bank is the evolution of our former Food For Kids (FFK) program. Through CHI, the Food Bank aims to feed hungry children by feeding the entire hungry family. By working with schools to provide food to families in a variety of ways, CHI will dramatically increase the amount of food and meals families and their children will receive to solve childhood hunger in New Mexico.

How the Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI) Helps Solve Childhood Hunger

The Childhood Hunger Initiative (CHI) will work to solve child hunger by offering each participating school the ability to receive food from Roadrunner Food Bank in three ways:

  1. School Pantries – This option provides an in-school food pantry and would allow the school to select the food.
  2. Mobile Pantries – This option gives families monthly access to food through a traveling food pantry held at the school’s location. Each family receives about 50 pounds of food, or about 40 meals.
  3. Backpacks – This option supplements the school or mobile pantries in cases where a parent/guardian is unable to pick up food or the family has no means of cooking.

The initiative will provide children and families better access to more consistent meals.

CHI in New Mexico

Roadrunner Food Bank hopes to achieve two important goals with this initiative:

  1. Reach as many as 16 New Mexico counties, providing improved access to healthy foods for children and families in rural areas.
  2. Solve childhood hunger in New Mexico by serving more hungry children and families.

We anticipate this initiative will increase our distribution from 300,000 pounds of food distributed to 700,000 pounds of food. Roadrunner Food Bank will reach more rural areas of New Mexico through this new initiative.

Help Solve Childhood Hunger in New Mexico TODAY!

Roadrunner Food Bank serves tens of thousands of children in New Mexico through partner agencies and direct service programs each year. We strive to solve childhood hunger throughout New Mexico.

Looking for ways to help? We have provided a few tips to get involved right away.

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