Closed Friday and Saturday

On Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23, the Food Bank will be closed. Staff will not be on-site or available to check email or phone messages either of these two dates. We will re-open for business on Monday, March 25th.

Thanks for your understanding!

Nutrition Classes Offered in March & April

As part of a National Nutrition Month series, we are offering SIX weeks to Better Health.  These weekly and FREE nutrition classes are offered by our SeedCorps members who are part of our AmeriCorps New Mexico.

The six week series will be held at the Thomas Bell Community Center located at 3001 University Blvd SE from 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm each Thursday starting on March 7. Classes will focus on MyPlate, eating balanced meals, reading nutrition labels, creating nutritious meals for your family, and health tips.

All classes will be held from 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm the following dates:

  • March 7
  • March 14
  • March 21
  • March 28
  • April 4
  • April 11

Feel free to share and print out this flier with others interested in attending.

There is no requirement to RSVP for the nutrition classes.  Questions?  Call 505.314.0611.

March is National Nutrition Month

We recognize that people struggling with food insecurity often wrestle with chronic health issues too like diabetes and hypertension.  In fact, hunger research shows that people struggling with hunger have higher rates of both.  And they often lack access to nutritious food to change their situation.

Every day, we strive to improve nutritious food for our neighbors in need – because to us – food is medicine.  Roughly one-third of our yearly distribution is made up of fruits and vegetables.  We are honored to provide access to nutritious food to as many of our distributions sites across the state as possible.

And because nutrition is important to us all, we encourage you – our supporters – to follow us on social media all month long.  National Nutrition Month marks a time we can share reminders on ways to eat healthy, information about nutrition classes being offered this month and next, tips on preparing food safely, healthy recipes, best use by dates on a variety of food products and more!

Visit our social channels at the link below to see what tips might help you improve your overall health and nutrition during National Nutrition Month!

NM Human Services Dept. Announces SNAP Availability

The New Mexico Department of Human Services announced on Feb. 18th that it will issue all March SNAP benefits on February 28, 2019, with an availability on EBT cards of March 1, 2019. Here is a quick breakdown of information regarding March-May SNAP benefit release.

March: All NM residents currently on SNAP will receive benefits on their EBT Card the same day – March 1st of 2019.

April: All NM residents currently on SNAP will receive benefits on their EBT Card somewhere between April 1st and April 10th.  Dates of the SNAP benefits are determined using the last two digits of the beneficiary’s Social Security Number.

May: All NM residents currently on SNAP will receive benefits on their EBT Card on their regularly scheduled day.

Background:  The government shutdown could have impacted many nutrition programs including SNAP.  In response, the New Mexico Human Services Department issued February SNAP allotments early (on January 20th to all participants for their February benefits).  Given the early release of SNAP benefits, this created what is known as a SNAP Gap – a longer time frame when recipients would normally receive their monthly SNAP benefit.

SNAP Gap:  Since SNAP beneficiaries received February benefits early (January 20), those on the program may need additional help from charitable hunger programs to make it until their next SNAP allotment. If you are experiencing an additional need due to the government shutdown, use our online tool by placing your zip code in the white box to locate one of our affiliated partners in your community.  You may also call our food assistance line at 505.349.5340 M-F from 8 am to 4 pm to additional food help during this temporary gap in SNAP benefits.

Download this flier to share with others about March-May SNAP benefits


Donate Your Old Car and Help Feed Others

There’s a brand new way to help feed New Mexicans in need — and at the same time support Roadrunner Food Bank’s mission to solve hunger! Donate your old or used vehicle and turn it into food to feed others in your community.

We accept all types of vehicles as donations: cars, motorcycles, tractors, RVs, trailers – even boats! It doesn’t even matter whether they’re running or not. We’ll take them! Plus, you may qualify for a tax deduction on your vehicle donation.

And donating your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Simply call us at 855-500-7433 or visit us at — and we take everything from there.

We’ll arrange a convenient time around your schedule to pick the vehicle up, notify you when your vehicle has been sold, and send you a formal tax receipt letter.

And in the meantime, you can rest assured your generosity has already been put to work to help feed your hungry neighbors.

Turn your old car into food for others!

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